Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance 

Hearing aids are tiny marvels of technology. Despite their small sizes, they contain a lot of sophisticated parts and perform many advanced functions every second, but if not taken care of properly, they can break easily or be disrupted. Having a trusted maintenance professional like Genstler Hearing Center will ensure that no matter if your hearing aids need repair, replacement or re-programming, that we will be there for you! 

Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Issues

If you are having hearing aid problems, here are a few troubleshooting methods you can try at home before contacting the Genstler Hearing Center professionals: 

  • Check to ensure the hearing aid is turned on: this may seem simple, but over time the hearing aid may wear down and not turn on if handled properly. 
  • Turn up the volume: Make sure the volume control is at the appropriate level and wasn't accidentally turned down or altered. Regular maintenance checks will help keep your hearing aids up-to-date and working properly, consistently. 
  • Check your battery: if your hearing aids use disposable batteries, make sure your batteries are correctly positioned in the hearing aids and are not running out. 
  • If you have a Behind-the-Ear (BTE) model, make sure to inspect the tubing. This tubing can be damaged or worn over time causing malfunctions in your hearing aids. 

Best Practices when using Hearing Aids 

Below are a few "best practices" to keep your hearing aids lasting longer! 

  • Clean the device each day with the recommendations by our licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists, based on the type of hearing aids  you have. Earwax and other debris can build up in the tiny holes and spaces, clogging the microphone and sound ports. 
  • Keep your ears cleaned regularly. The less debris buildup in your ears, the less can get into your hearing aids. 
  • Avoid getting water into your hearing aids. Hearing aids can accumulate a large amount of moisture throughout a days use and it is important to allows the hearing aids to air out when not in use. 

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