Hearing Aid Programming Service

After working with our professional licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists and the initial testing, we may determine that hearing aids are the best options for you. If this is the case, Genstler Hearing Center and our licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists work directly with you on each Hearing Aid product to determine the best fit for your needs and lifestyle. 

Then we begin programming your hearing aids to ensure they are working properly for each and every need without over-amplifying sounds. 

Do I need to Program my Hearing Aids regularly? 

The core function of hearing aids are to amplify the sounds around you, but they provide a range of digital features and functions, all of which need to be fine-tuned. Two individuals may experience the same level of hearing loss but their devices may differ drastically. 

Over time, our hearing does not stay stagnate, especially with the incredible changes in technology and sound. Regularly scheduled hearing aid re-programs makes sure you stay ahead of your hearing loss and any small changes between the initial installment of your hearing aids and your everyday life. 

How are hearing aids programmed by our licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists? 

Our licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists can use a variety of advanced computer and algorithm-based techniques to program your hearing aids:

  • Surround Sound: surround sound is used to mimic an outdoor environment within the comfort of our office; this tends to include traffic noises, crowd noises, and other everyday sounds. Our licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists can make subtle adjustments to noise reduction settings based on real-time feedback when using surround sound when programming your hearing aids! 
  • Real-ear probe microphones: these probes are to identify the sounds that are reaching your eardrum when the hearing aid is in place, allowing for more effective programming. 
  • Visible Speech Mapping (VSM): VSM enables a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialists to identify the amount of amplification that is reaching the ear, and make adjustments to improve the sounds or reduce excess noise. 

Do you have hearing aids but are still noticing problems with hearing and frequency? You may be in need of Hearing Aid Re-Programming! 

Get in touch with our Hearing Aid Professionals at Genstler Hearing Center today, to learn more about our hearing aid process and how our pros can help re-program your hearing aids today!