Hearing Instruments & Hearing Products 

Provided by Genstler Hearing Center

Our Hearing Instruments & Products

Genstler Hearing Center in Albany, OR exclusively provides Starkey hearing products for our customers. We believe in providing Cutting Edge & Precision Hearing Technology for our customers, guaranteeing a perfect fit and a long-lasting product! 

We provide you with various types of Starkey Hearing Aid Products including but not limited to: Receiver-in-Canal Aids (RIC), Behind-The-Ear Aids (BTE), Invisible OR Completely-In-Canal Aids (IIC/CIC) & In-The-Ear or In-The-Canal Aids (ITE/ITC)

Genstler Hearing Center even provides Hearing Accessories for your hearing treatment and hearing aids. These include but are not limited to: Wireless Charging units, Surflink wireless accessories personalization, Personalized hearing protection & more! 

Are you interested in the hearing products provided by Genstler Hearing Center? Or are you in need of assistance with your Starkey Hearing Aids or Hearing Instruments? Get in touch with our Hearing Instrument Specialists at Genstler Hearing Center by clicking the button below!